Products for protection against rockfalls,
rockslide and slope failure disasters and avalanche hazards


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"Safety" through natural disaster
prevention products.

No one can predict when disaster will strike.
Japan - where 3/4 of the total land area is mountainous and earthquakes and heavy rains are a frequent occurrence - has suffered countless natural disasters that have generated rockfalls, land slides, avalanches and other calamities.

At PROTEC ENGINEERING, we consistently undertake the planning, development, manufacture, sale and construction of more effective “protection methods” against such frequently occurring disasters, as well as “prevention methods” to avoid disasters before they happen.

To protect the things all of us hold dear, PROTEC ENGINEERING continues to raise the bar in the search for ever more efficient products.

product protected this elementary school against a rockfall

President’s Message

At PROTEC ENGINEERING, we have avowed “contributing to society through innovations in natural disaster prevention technologies” as our corporate philosophy. To achieve this pledge, we research countermeasures and technologies to protect against natural disasters, particularly rockfall, avalanche and landslide disasters that originate along slopes, and develop, manufacture, construct and sell new construction methodologies and new products to reduce costs and achieve harmony with the natural environment.

Examples of the new construction methodologies and new products we have developed include a construction method for reinforced soil protection retaining wall works against rockfalls and avalanches that are constructed using soil as the chief material, energy absorption-type rockfall prevention fences, avalanche prevention fences that also provide protection against rockfalls, and landslide protection fences utilizing high-performance main posts. We verify the performance of these new construction methods and new products through extensive testing of actual installations and computer simulation-based analyses at our own test facilities. In addition, the main materials for these products receive thorough quality checks and are manufactured at our own specialized plants.

We consider it our mission to provide new construction methodologies and new products that incorporate our proprietary technologies to the maximum possible extent, based on a consistent organization from development to manufacturing and construction, and to leave the truly best disaster countermeasures and structure for future generations, and we will always strive to improve natural disaster prevention technology using the most innovative ideas.

Syouichi Inoue, PresidentPROTEC ENGINEERING